Sustainability beyond science - achievement beyond compare.

We help educators integrate sustainability across all disciplines, from kindergarten through college, with proven impacts on learning and engagement.


Make your *green* curriculum *GREAT.*

Take your curriculum to a new level and connect “green” to social equity, cultural diversity, and economics.


Our approach to a sustainability curriculum spans all disciplines

Environment, Economy, & Social Equity

Sustainability is about all three ‘E’s, but does your curriculum limit it to environmental science? Implement a framework for sustainability that offers entry points for every discipline.

We prepare educators to tackle complex topics.

With the right approaches and deep content resources, educators can provide high impact, effective instruction on complex topics from ecological economics to food systems to race.

Make sustainability stick with aligned stakeholders.

Sustainability initiatives are strongest when academic faculty, facilities, administration, and students work together. We’ll support your team by connecting courses to your larger efforts.


Our educational consulting firm works with school districts, colleges, and universities to transform their curricula. Educators turn to us when they are struggling to bring the concepts of sustainability from the “silos” of science and infuse those concepts in interdisciplinary and pervasive ways across the curriculum. After working with us, clients say their approach to designing the learning experience is forever changed. We provide them with new frameworks, teaching tools & content, and the adaptive capacity to continually improve their curriculum. Moreover, clients say that we show them how to teach the complex topics that students care most about – like inequality, poverty, hunger, and environmental degradation. And when students care deeply about what they are learning, that’s when they realize their full human potential. MORE >


“By enlisting the energies and creativity of schoolchildren in addressing the urban crises, [Creative Change] provides children and young people with opportunities to take ownership of problems or issues affecting their school and their town.”

Grace Lee Boggs, excerpted from her book “The Next American Revolution: Sustainable Activism for the Twenty-First Century, Edition 2”

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