We provide curriculum consulting services, as well as team and educator workshops, planning sessions, and an extensive content library for educators.

Units and courses are often based on disciplinary knowledge or specific standards, but integrating sustainability requires an interdisciplinary perspective. How can educators design coherent, engaging instruction without abandoning disciplinary requirements or standards?  Excellent question! Our firm provides schools and universities with customized services and curriculum to redesign units, courses, and programs.

Extended curriculum redesign initiatives

We work with districts and universities over a year or more to integrate sustainability into multiple courses, curriculum maps, and programs.

Planning and consultation

Don’t know where to start? We’ve helped institutions across the country plan and launch effective initiatives. Wondering if your district or institution is ready to improve its curriculum? We can help your team assess your readiness, map your current curriculum, find gaps and opportunities, and maximize teacher (and student!) buy-in.


Our introductory programs provide an interdisciplinary perspective on sustainability and the skills and tools to redesign courses. Using our signature curriculum design process, Inquiry as Narrative, educators develop units and courses that unfold as narratives—compelling “stories” the put students in the center of a complex sustainability “plot”. Working with an existing (or planned) unit or syllabus, Inquiry as Narrative guides participants through a hands-on, stepwise method for reframing content, pedagogy and sequencing.

Get examples and strategies for effective change.

Download case studies on curriculum transformation.


We’ll prepare your leadership team to deliver sustainability workshops so you can reach more faculty more effectively.

University research partnerships

We partner with teacher educators to design and test new models of K12 curriculum and professional development to increase achievement and equity.

Curriculum Resource Center (CRC)

The CRC is our digital library of sustainability lessons, course modules and frameworks. Educators tell us that the depth and breadth of our content cannot be found elsewhere. Learn more

Creative Change has allowed me to gain access to an extensive library of instructional resources. The lessons, readings, and activities are well-planned, thorough, and informative. I highly recommend Creative Change materials.

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