Here’s what our clients have to say about our work:

“By enlisting the energies and creativity of schoolchildren in addressing the urban crises, [Creative Change] provides children and young people with opportunities to take ownership of problems or issues affecting their school and their town.” –Grace Lee Boggs, excerpted from her book The Next American Revolution: Sustainable Activism for the Twenty-First Century, Edition 2

“Creative Change’s ability to create meaningful and effective curriculum that guides students as they conduct research, formulate ideas, and articulate a vision for sustainable community redevelopment places the organization in a class by themselves.”-Daniel Somerville, Purdue University, College of Engineering K12 Education Coordinator

“Faculty are still proclaiming your session as one of the best pedagogy workshops they had ever attended.” -Amy Hay, University of Texas Pan-American

“Your input and support has already improved my course exponentially!  THANKS!!”-Dr. Michael Jabot, State University of NY, Fredonia

“CCES knows sustainability education unlike any other organization I’ve seen. They go deep in content, but make it everything accessible an easy-to-relate-to for teachers, students, and administrators. They have also aligned their offerings with many state education standards so that integrating their curricula with other traditional curricula becomes a non-issue. All in all, they are dedicated group with high standards and great passion for education.”-Teacher Educator, Marygrove College

“Creative Change Educational is truly a dynamic organization dedicated to helping educators at all levels have a deep and meaningful conversation about our communities and the environment and how we are involved in shaping them. It demonstrates and fosters the very best in teaching and learning — empowerment, investment in the process, excitement about learning and critical thinking. The tools, curriculum and support provided by Creative Change are unmatched.” -Science Education Professor, San Jose State University

“After a 44-year career in education, I still consider bringing you all to our district to deliver the inservice on economic and environmental sustainability was some of the best professional development engagement ever initiated!” -Former Superintendent, Proctor (MN) Public Schools

“I’ve personally experienced the results of this organization in my classroom. Their curriculum helped my kindergarten and first grade students understand the complexities of the food system in an age-appropriate way.” -Kindergarten Teacher, Oberlin City Schools

Your program exceeded my highest expectations.  You have inspired, challenged and equipped us for a tremendous school year filled with sustainability education programs for our students.  Your knowledge, energy, commitment and teacher skill are unbelievable and unparalleled.

Dr. Steven Frantz

Administrator, Scarsdale NY Public Schools

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